DNEye® Scanner
By Rodenstock

The Sharpest Possible Vision
In Sydney's Inner West

DNEye® Scanner
By Rodenstock

The Sharpest Possible Vision

A Revolution In Indivisualised Lenses

Rodenstock’s DNEye® Scanner measures your eyes more precisely than ever before. This unprecedented level of precision enables your optometrist to better understand your unique vision.

This information is incorporated into Rodenstock’s Biometric Intelligent Glasses™, which are custom made and fine-tuned to your eyes.

The result: The Sharpest Possible Vision.

Custom Lenses For Your Unique Eyes

Graph showing 98 percent

Of Progressive Lenses Don't Match The User's Eyes

Lens technology has advanced rapidly over the years, but the general model used to measure the eye and calculate lenses has remained the same. 

This has left the vast majority of progressive and single vision lens wearers with glasses that do not match the unique characteristics of their eyes. 

With DNEye® technology, the individual anatomy of your eye is measured and used to create a biometric model. This data is transferred into the Rodenstock lens, giving you the most customised lens available.

Biometric Intelligent Glasses

These lenses create truly intelligent glasses. Glasses that precisely hit the sharp vision centre for each of your eyes and provide you with clarity at all angles, no matter where you look. Biometric Intelligent Glasses also give you the sharpest contrast, best night vision, largest fields of vision and more colourful vision than ever before.

How It Works


Woman having a DNEye Scan performed

DNEye® Scanner Measures Your Eyes

The DNEye® Scanner takes a high-precision 3D eye measurement of your eyes using thousands of data points.

This allows us to not only determine eye length, but also biometric parameters such as individual lower and higher-order aberrations and individual pupil size at near and far. It also determines reactions to different light conditions and the individual corneal topography, as well as the individual anterior chamber’s depth.


DNEye Scanner data points

A Biometric Model Is Created

The data from the DNEye® Scan is used to create a unique biometric eye model for both eyes. This biometric eye model includes eye length, corneal power and thickness, anterior chamber depth, pupil size in photopic and mesopic light conditions, crystalline lens power and vitreous chamber depth.

Based on this model, we can calculate a lens that matches each eye to the micrometre.


Biometric Intelligent Glasses lenses

Your Custom Lenses Are Manufactured

That data is then transferred to Rodenstock and digitally integrated into the production of your unique lenses. Best of all, this takes no longer than any other special order lenses! 


Biometric Intelligent Glasses on a man's eyes


You are ready to receive your individualised Biometric Intelligent Glasses – and start enjoying the Sharpest Vision Ever!

See The Results*

40% Sharper

vision at near and intermediate distances

8.5° Wider

field of sharp near vision

Sharper vision than before

Greater visual comfort with their DNEye® glasses

Reduced adaptation time

Better contrast vision

Better vision at dusk

Get Started Today

DNEye® Scans are included in our General Eye Exams, along with a comprehensive assessment of your eye health. 

A detailed understanding of your vision helps us get to the core of your eye health, and get you on your way to the sharpest possible vision!

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